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“The World’s First Complete Real Estate System” (according to RIS Media Real Estate Magazine). High commission, tangible passive income, overwhelming education, Power Suite and leading edge technology incorporating the cloud, social media and mobile devices are just a few of the reasons why Sellstate agents are succeeding in today’s environment - and why we’ve brought Sellstate to Kansas City.

We feel that regardless of your current production the last 12 months, we can significantly increase your pipeline and attraction of clients and closings, using our leads program, technology and marketing tools. You owe it to yourself to find out why so many quality-minded agents and top producers are making the jump to Sellstate Realty in Kansas City. 


Quality, Targeted Leads Provided

Sellstate provides their agents Google and Facebook leadsWe know how tough it is relying on your sphere of influence alone. In the hyper-competitive and continually changing real estate digital marketing world, staying in front of the competition is a constant challenge. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry experts to provide our agents with cutting-edge lead generation combined with the ease of use of a “set it and forget it” digital marketing dashboard - includes dynamic, automatic and instant home buyer search features with text push notifications; seller alerts; email drip campaigns; and artificial intelligence (AI) conversational texting robot - all designed to qualify and engage our clients.   

- Our agents are supplied a continual flow of high quality prospects in an automated and immediate round-robin lead distribution process, texted and emailed directly to the agent 

200,000,000+ Consumer Reach

Sellstate has strategic alliances with Zillow.com and Homes.com. Two of the largest home search sites in the world. Your listing will be marketed globally to take advantage of domestic and foreign buyers moving to or investing in the area. With global coverage, all Sellstate listings have a monthly consumer reach of over 200,000,000+ unique visitors.                                               

High Commission

At Sellstate, we understand that a ton of work goes into selling real estate. That’s why we believe that agents deserve to make more. With our high commission platform, we at Sellstate, look to provide agents with the most exciting compensation package in the industry

- Our agents keep 90% of their commission plus 5% referral fees from their referring agents. (see referral revenue sharing below)

- 5% referral commission from each agent for every transaction means you can earn over 100% commission from Sellstate. We put the + in PLUS!

Breakthrough Technology

Sellstate Realty is the Tech Titan Award Wiinner for breakthrough technology in Real Estate in Kansas CityWinner of the Tech Titan Award! Over 30 technology tools are available at your fingertips through a single login. This easy approach to technology allows you to automate many aspects of your business freeing time for you to do the things you love doing! Easy to use and complete, Sellstate’s Power Suite gives you everything you need to bring your business to the next level.

We partner with Homes.com to provide the tools that are part of Sellstate Power Suite that every one of our agents receives! Learn more about how Sellstate Power Suite can help you in your real estate career.

Some of the highlighted features of Sellstate’s Power Suite include:

  • Integrated Agent Website with SEO, optimized IDX/MLS connection, mobile with advanced demographics- CRM with automated newsletters, email drip campaigns 
  • Complete marketing center
  • Neighborhood demographic reports
  • Social media integration from “Back At You”  with “done for you” automated postings
  • Buyer Tours and Seller CMAs


Read More about the RIS Media Tech Titan Award

Referral Revenue Sharing

Sellstate Realty offers real estate agents a 5% referral bonus for agent referrals. This commission is earned from every closed transaction your referral closes. Retirement income for life!A challenge in real estate is the lack of security and retirement. 

Sellstate addressed this with the industry’s premier revenue sharing / referral program. Simple and effective, Sellstate’s AAD Program (Agent Asset Development program) has a payout average of $1,200/month with some members earning over $20,000 in a single month!

We know our agents are focused on selling and not recruiting, however, we also know they have associates, partners and friends who are licensed real estate agent that they'll want to introduce to Sellstate through our agent recruiting program (AAD). If our agents feel their referrals would make a great fit with our team and culture, we'll interview them and take it from there. If we bring them onboard all you'll need to do is welcome them to the team and encourage them to keep earning you 5%!

  • Earn 5% commission from every closed transaction from each of your referring agents who join Sellstate.  This program is paid monthly, unlimited, lifelong retirement income - as long as you keep your license updated.

July 2021 AAD Referral Program Average Payout was $1,818.37 - Sit back and enjoy your 5% residual income!
August 2021 average payout was $1,818.37

Automated Listing Package

Every Sellstate Realty agent is given a SEO rich, mobile ready website with rich content included, not just a page on a brokers website. A property specific mobile optimized website, brochures, flyers, post cards and social media posts and ads are all automatically created and sent to you within 48 hours of entering the listing to the MLS. With our automated listing package, our Real Estate Advisors are able to promote homes in a comprehensive way using the latest technology, marketing and social media tools and techniques available.

Safer, Easier Transactions

Sellstate Realty uses Dotloop for safe, paperless real estate transactionsBy using the industry leading paperless office, Dotloop, our Sellstate Real Estate Advisors are able to enjoy easy, paperless transactions with auto-fill forms that make the home buying and selling process smoother than ever!


Bring your personal or team branding with you to Sellstate Realty. Or use our branded Sellstate signs at no charge. We'll even purchase your personal riders for you.  Ready to go!At Sellstate, the focus is on the Agents.  Oftentimes agents get lost in the marketing shuffle, never to be discovered in search engine optimization or anywhere on the web - much less on a yard sign. Most agencies merely "rent" their agents one page on their master website. Once a prospect veers off that page the prospect is game for any agent in the office. This co-dependency stifles organic growth and the agent then becomes dependent on their sphere of influence or whatever scraps their broker throws their way - at a very high commission split.

We provide our agents a fully functional website, rich in SEO, content and social presence. Agents can customize their sites to match their personality and message. Bring your colors, personal or team branding and we'll help you with a smooth transition to Sellstate.

For your listing signage, save the money if you like and simply use our stylish and beautiful branded signs and frames -- and we'll also purchase your personal rider signs that match.

Have a team or your own brokerage office? No problem, we will help you integrate them into our Sellstate family with commission splits you support. We will also show you how to take full advantage of our lucrative referral program, designed for teams of all sizes.

Why Consumers Choose Sellstate

Consumers choose Sellstate Realty because of our highly skilled agents; 200 million consumer reach; global marketing; award  winning technology; market knowledge- A unique separate and distinctive website for every property

- Highly skilled Real Estate Advisors

- 200+ million consumer monthly reach

- Social media integration and marketing

- Global marketing

- Award Winning technology

- Market knowledge

- Market center

- Licensed and insured

Sellstate Attracts Top Agents

Top Agents join Sellstate Realty because of our Pillars for Agent Success: High Commission, Breakthrough Technology, Revenue Referral Revenue Sharing- The best technology, CRM tools and high quality, paid lead generation for all agents

- Automated Social Media content postings by Back At You

- 200,000,000+ Power Suite Consumer Reach

- Structured education

- Revenue Sharing referral program

- Team culture where people care

Join the Sellstate Realty Team

Sellstate Heartland Realty - Located at 4705 Mission Rd, Westwood, KS 66205 - Serving the entire Kansas City Metro Area with Professional, Expert Realtors, Agents will be responsible for nurturing prospective clients, understanding their needs, and fulfill this criteria, A-Z with complete broker oversight. We will provide the vehicle - your entrepreneurial spirit will drive your success.


Sellstate Realty Core ValuesYou may wonder how brokerages stay afloat…how do they pay for building rent, utilities, licensing, insurance and franchise fees? While some brokerages have large, lavish offices…the Sellstate model is simple: we prefer smaller, “just right” 1400-2000 sqft spaces located in great, convenient and safe areas. In other words, low overhead costs that aren’t all passed on to our agents.


Joining an agency is an important step in your career growth. We feel it is important to be completely transparent and fair in what we charge our agents. We are able to do this because we know agents will not find a more cost-effective and competitive real estate brokerage to join — how much money are you willing to leave on the table?

Average Transaction Example

Based on $250,000 closing; 3% commission

Sellstate Realty
Traditional 70/30 Split Agency
Commission Before Fee
Commission Split Fee
$750 (5% referral + 5% broker tech Fee)
$2700 (30% + 6% Royalty
Take Home Pay (w/o any transaction fees)
Percent Difference
Keep 90%
Keep 64%

After 8 average transactions you would pay Sellstate $6,000, the other guys would have over $21,000 of your hard earned money. Think of all the things you could do keeping the difference, $15,000 up front?

There are 95/5 and 90/10 full service brokerages out there, however, they charge high office fees, usually upwards of $1200 or more monthly -- rather you close a transaction or not. Sellstate is 90+5, we give 5%+ back to you in commission from agents you refer. Refer an agent or two and you'll be earning 100%+ commission in no time!

At the opposite spectrum, we've also discovered $0.00 monthly fee, full service brokerages, however, plan to give up 50% or more of your commission. 

There's also the so-called 100% commission agencies. These offices come up with all kinds of creative fees, however, they offer zero support  -- "you get what you pay for."  Certainly not the place for solo agents who want real estate to be a career or agents who want to grow and learn and work with a mentor.

If you plan to interview at multiple agencies before deciding to come to Sellstate Realty, we recommend you prepare a list of brokerage expenses to compare and present to other agencies for your financial security and for transparency. We hear many different stories during our interviewing and agent onboarding process about fees, commission and programs that are labeled and presented in a confusing and obscure manner.  We have yet to find an agency that lists all of their fees and expenses straightforward, easy to follow or overall better than what we offer.  

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