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WELCOME! Park Your License with us!

Real Estate Advisors KC Referrals, LLC was organized to provide Kansas and Missouri real estate licensees the opportunity to assist others with their real estate needs without making a full commitment to a real estate career. Its broker of record is Charles Gilbert.

Stop fees and dues by Pausing your real estate license with Sellstate Heartland Realty by going into referral status with us

Referral Status may be a good idea if...

  • You are New to real estate and need more time before jumping in with 2 feet?
  • You are Shifting full time to a new career and want to maintain your hard-earned license?
  • You are Retiring?
  • You have an Unexpected life event?

REAKCR Associates will be referral agents only and will not engage in the business of listing or selling of real estate. All referrals will be placed with Real Estate Advisors KC Referrals, LLC in exchange for a portion of the real estate commission paid in the transaction.


  • No monthly reocurring fees: No monthly office fees, No dues or Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance costs
  • No production minimums or time commitments
  • Your License will remain active (you must pay to renew your license upon expiration and complete all continuing education required, which may come with a 3rd party fee)
  • You can place a referral for both local and national transactions.
  • While in referral status, there are no ongoing board, Realtor or MLS or iBox fees (renewing the MLS is up to the referral associate)
  • Your ONLY cost is $100.00 per year ($100.00 initial membership fee)
  • Once you place a referral, you collect the agreed referral fee less 25% brokerage fee. This fee is based on one side of the transaction.
  • National Referrals: Anyone who wants to buy/sell in another area, the referral will be placed with a company in the appropriate area. Referral fees out of area may range from 20-30%. When the sale closes you will receive the agreed upon referral fee less 25% brokerage fee. For referrals referred to the Sellstate broker, you earn 25% of the gross commission less the 25% brokerage fee.


If you decide referral status is what you need for now or however long you require it, please get started by clicking on the link below that applies to you for Kansas and/or Missouri. Once you fill in the forms and are ready, contact us and we will guide you through the next steps. Call us at 913-624-9993.


Kansas is completely electronic. Please log into your KREC profile and request a brokerage affiliation change. Select "Real Estate Advisors KC Referral LLC". Our Company Number is CO00003471. Contact us to pay your referral enrollment fee (cash, check or Venmo), once this is processed we will accept your electronic request to join.


Missouri is all paper and we must mail this form to MREC. We will pay the $50 transfer fee when we mail it in once you pay your referral enrollment fee - contact us to pay your fee by cash, check or Venmo. (Please fill out 1A, 1B and 1C. Your current broker will need to fill out and sign 2A if they still hold your Missouri licence)

FREE - Learn Practical and Useful Tools: Real Estate Training (INCLUDED / Value $1,299.00 for 7 courses below)

Enroll Now - RE Training

Whether you're a newly licenced agent or experienced, our online training platform is for every level and has over 20 courses to choose from - your Online Learning Center will provide you with learning on a diverse range of real estate topics. Within each online course, you'll find helpful downloadable resources that you can use as you learn and grow your business.

You must create an account username and password, and then to view your courses go to "My Dashboard." Please bookmark this page to make login easier! 

By logging in to "My Dashboard," you bypass the homepage and the courses that have prices. You will always need to sign in and go to "My Dashboard" to view your courses. Courses on the homepage are priced for purchase. Please avoid clicking on anything with a price. 

COURSES TO TAKE NOW! Here are courses we have outlined for you that will Quick Start or Re-Start your career in Real Estate.  Please focus on completing the following courses before starting any of the additional trainings on the platform.

Once you have enrolled above, all you need to do is click on the course links below and you'll go directly to the course training for each course or when you are on the training dashboard just search for each training topic below:

DISC - Understanding Behavior


SOI - Sphere Of Influence (referral based business)





Mandatory Training for KCRAR / Heartland MLS NEW MEMBER EDUCATION

Enroll Now - Mandatory Training

For newly licensed agents only. This new member education series will provide you all the tools you need to jump start your career and make the most of your KCRAR membership. Three courses are mandatory for all newly licensed members to take within 60 days of joining KCRAR

Please call, text or email John Woods if you have any questions about there referral process or any of the trainings - 816-200-7990 |

Thanks for joining our Sellstate or Referral Team, we look forward to working with you and we are excited to see your progress and success in real estate!

John Woods & Charles Gilbert

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