High Commission


At Sellstate, we understand that a ton of work goes into selling real estate. That’s why we believe that agents deserve to make more. With our Three Tier commission platform, we look to provide agents with the most exciting compensation package in the industry

- Choose Your Level - 

Tier One and Tier Two Levels qualify for Sellstate's Lifetime 5% Agent Revenue Sharing program <read more here>

  • Tier One/Solo Agents -  keep 90% of your commission, less 2% franchise fee. BONUS! Refer agents to Sellstate and receive 5% referral commission from each agent for every transaction  -  means you can earn over 100% commission from Sellstate.  The Tier One level is for you if you are seasoned, independent, need little to no support and are versed in marketing and lead generation. You could be a broker but don't want to work through administrative tasks or experience the extra overhead costs that come with brokerage ownership

Sellstate Heartland Realty pays High Commission to our real estate agents

  • Tier Two/Team Agents - keep 70% to 80% of your SOI closings and 50% from Brokerage leads provided. This tier is perfect for agents who need and want extra support in a team environment, structure, mentoring, accountability from the broker and team mates, and want access to leads other than thier SOI. The brokerage provides leads from a variety of paid sources as well as scripting, call cadence and a complete agent toolkit for your success. Tier Two agents qualify for Sellstate's revenue sharing program

  • Tier Three/Referral Status Agents - park your license with us and keep 25% of the referrals you send us while doing none of the work. This level is perfect for agents who are retired, not sure what they want to do in real estate or maybe have life events preventing them from focusing on their real estate career <read more here>

  • Team Lead - this level is for Agents who have estabished and will support thier own Team members through training, mentoring and lead gen. You will work directly with the broker to create commission splits, metrics and expectations of your agents according to Sellstate's standards and guidelines. You and your agents qualify for Sellstate's revenue sharing program

  • Newly Licensed Agents - Commission Splits are: Agent leads 60/40% (60% to the agent) & Brokerage leads provided at 50/50%. Newly licensed agents are required to complete our online Agent Quick Start - Team Onboarding training and our in-person Broker Bonus training.  Once training is completed and six transactions are closed, you’ll then transition directly to the tenured agent splits outlined above. You will qualify for our revenue sharing program on Day1!

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